Wednesday, August 9, 2017


My name is Mary Jane Palmer and for the longest time I've been known as "Fredericton's Coupon Clipper". 

My biggest addiction is trying to find something - for nothing!       Now I don't mean using the "Five Finger Discount" method....I mean practising living a frugal lifestyle by spending hours researching available coupons, watching sales flyers, and networking with local businesses to get involved with their sales and promotions.     It may sound like a lot of work and it is - but that is my purpose of this blog - to share my knowledge and save you the time. 

Having worked in the Tourism industry for the Mactaquac Chamber of Commerce and NB Tourism, I have always enjoyed promoting local businesses and in my frugal journey's  I have always tried to keep true to supporting local businesses and events.   Therefore, my focus in this blog is living frugal in Fredericton.      

Topics I hope to cover in this blog for everyone include: 

  • Weekly Couponing & Price Matching posts 
  • Frugal Living Tips & Techniques 
  • Reviews of Local Businesses 
  • Information on Local Upcoming Events
  • And so much more!!! 

I am always open to suggestions on blog topics, guest writers, and of course learning about new deals!   I encourage the public to not only read our blog but to also check out group on Facebook under "Fredericton Deal Finders" where I post daily about sales, events, local happenings, and allow members to post questions in which group members can share their opinions/views. 

The Fredericton Deal Finder group is free to join and free to advertise for local businesses/charities who are having a sale or event that they wish to promote.    I do not charge members or businesses to advertise nor do I receive any pay for operating this blog or the Facebook group - it's solely something that I started as a side hobby that turned into an opportunity in which I am able to share with others to help educate and promote those interested on how to live a Frugal lifestyle!    

So there it is in a nutshell - I hope you enjoy the blog! 
Feel free to contact me anytime by emailing

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