Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Our Adoption Journey (A requested blog topic)

Hey Guys & Gals - 

So I put it out there a few days ago for some blog topic suggestions and I got this one a few times so I decided to open up and share our adoption journey.

As most of you know - in May of this year my husband and I adopted a beautiful baby boy.    It was a very long process for us.    We had always discussed the topic of adoption because it was a lifelong dream of mine because my birth mother placed me up for adoption as a baby and I have always felt like I wanted to "pay it forward" by providing a child with an amazing loving home like my adoptive parents did for me.      So shortly after our marriage in 2008, my husband and I registered to adopt.     We did have some specifics that we included which added to our wait such as we wanted a healthy infant from New Brunswick.       We filled out all the paper work and they let us know that it would be about a 7+ year wait for an infant - which at that time was okay with us because we had just got married, bought a house and were working on just getting on our feet. 

So we went about our lives excited for this new adventure.      In October 2015, we got a call that we were able to start the PRIDE course that Social Development requires you to take in able to adopt.     It was so neat to be able to meet with others in the same situation and talk to others about their journey.     During our PRIDE course, we were contacted by our social worker who began to do our "home study".      This was scary, I won't lie - this lady came into our home and went through every room with a checklist and told us what we should and shouldn't have.     I felt very out of my comfort zone to be honest but knew the situation was something that would additionally pay off.  

In the Spring of 2016 after finishing Pride, we met with our Social Worker and she completed our home study and started the approval process.      By late fall, early winter we found out were had passed the home study and were officially "approved" to be adopted parents but were told it could be another 3-4 years; although this was something we knew may happen it was still a bit of a disappointment as we felt "ready" at this point in our lives.        So, things moved on as normal in our lives ..... that is until May 12th, 2017.     That afternoon, I got a call from a new social worker - she was asking me questions about specifics that we wanted in our adoption and I remember thinking okay this is probably just because she's taking over our case and wants to be informed but in the back of my head I knew something was up.... and it was!

May 16th, 2017 at 4:30pm - we got the call we had been waiting 9 years for --- there was a little boy born who needed a family.      I remember the "shocked" emotion because even though Friday we had received the "check up call", I was so used to being told it would be a "few years more" that I just instantly told myself it would be.     We were given 2 days to prepare and although I don't remember much about those 2 days, I know 13 hours of shopping were involved lol!         Believe it or not though, my couponing came in SO handy with preparing for baby boy's arrival.     I started printing diaper coupons, visiting manufacture sites and signing up for baby mail out programs, reading rebate sites, and looking into reviews that people posted on blogs/fb posts for items that were good and ones that weren't.     

I found an amazing deal on a stroller and saved us $650 from SEARS (sale price, coupons, and a MIR rebate);  I found out that Walmart not only accepted coupons on my formula but they'd also Price Match so I could get the lowest price (although currently they offer the lowest for our formula), I found out that Costco wipes were worth the membership fee and I used sites like KIJIJI and The New Children's Consignment page to help me stock up on clothing, bottles, and toys.    In just under 2 days we went from having nothing - to having all we needed and then some.   The community and our families were amazing....and the amount of donations of clothing, diapers, kind words/advice, and even meals were beyond anything I ever expected... there's not enough words that we could put together to express our thanks to everyone.

Today, our little man is 3 months old.     He is no longer the tiny 3lb baby that we met that day at the hospital but instead is our 12lb healthy, smile-filled little boy that I could never imagine my life without.   He brings so much joy and purpose to my life and the 9 years we waited seem worth every single second.  

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