Thursday, August 31, 2017

Maugerville Days - September 9

Great community event featuring tons of activities for kids and adults. 
This event is taking place at the Eldon Bramble Memorial Park/Community Centre between 8am and 4pm. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

20 Frugal Ways to Use Dawn Dish Soap

20 Frugal Ways to Use Dawn Dish Soap- Did you know that Dawn can be used for much more than just dishes? Check out these frugal ways to use Dawn dish soap! They can save you a lot of money! | money saving tips, frugal living, money saving ideas, other uses for Dawn dish soap, homemade cleaner, DIY

1. Emergency Hair Cleanup

If your kids (or you) get something grease-based in their hair, like gum or a sticky toy, you can use Dawn dish soap to help clean it out! Just put a little Dawn on your fingertips, and rub it onto the sticky stuff, using your fingers or a comb to nudge the stuff out.

2. Weed Killer

One of the more interesting ways to use Dawn dish soap is as a weed killer! A mixture of Dawn (1/2 teaspoon), salt (1/2 cup), and white cleaning vinegar (1/2 gallon) can help keep weeds under control. You can spray or pour it directly on the offending plants, being sure to avoid any of the plants you want to keep!

3. Concrete Safe Driveway De-Icer

Using salt-based de-icers on your driveway and sidewalk can damage the concrete over time. A safer substitute is a combination of a gallon warm of hot water, 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, and 2 teaspoons of Dawn in a bucket. Pour this mixture over the frozen concrete areas, and they’ll melt and keep from refreezing! 

4. Clean Outdoor Furniture

Over time, your furniture on your porch and patio likely has gotten a little nasty looking, especially if it’s made of plastic. To get it clean again, mix a little Dawn with some warm water, and wipe down your furniture. Then rinse your furniture clean with a hose or clean bowl of water.

5. Toilet Unclogger

If your toilet gets clogged, you don’t need any pricey chemicals! Instead, pour a cup of Dawn into it and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. After that, pour a bucket of hot water into the toilet, holding it a few feet above the toilet (around the height of your waist). That should do the trick!

6. Grease Spill Cleaner

Another of the many ways to use Dawn dish soap is as a grease spill cleaner in your garage or driveway. First, clean up the spill as well as you can (cat litter can easily absorb it). Then use a mixture of Dawn and warm water and scrub it onto the spot to clear up the rest of the spill!

7. Glasses Defogger

If you wear glasses, it’s likely that you get irritated with how your glasses can fog up at times. To prevent this, rub a drop of Dawn on each lens of your glasses, then wipe them clean. The film that’s left behind will be hardly noticeable, and will keep your glasses from fogging!

8. Hair Product Remover

Over time, the hair products we use build up in out hair and don’t get totally washed out. To help reduce hair product buildup, ever 4 weeks or so, wash your hair with Dawn as your shampoo. It’s a safe way to remove hair product buildup from your hair!
9. Ant Killer
Yet another of the many ways to use Dawn dish soap is as an ant killer! All you need to do is put a teaspoon or two of the soap in a spray bottle full of water, mix it up by shaking it around, then spray any ants you see.

10. Flea Killer

Did you know that Dawn can help kill fleas, too? You can use the same formulation as the ant killer above. Spray that on any flea-infested areas, let it sit for about 30 minutes, during which time it’ll kill the fleas. Then you can vacuum up their remains. You can also wash your dog with Dawn. Just be careful to avoid getting soap in their eyes, and make sure to rinse them off thoroughly afterward. Also, don’t use Dawn as your dog’s regular shampoo, just use it if they get fleas. Using Dawn on your dog frequently can dry out their skin. If you have a cat, use a flea comb to pick the fleas out of their fur, and drop the fleas in a bowl of water that has 3 teaspoons of Dawn in it, in order to kill them.
Do note that if you find a tick on your pet (or on yourself), using Dawn can actually hurt more than help. While putting Dawn on a tick may help you pull it out easier, it also causes them to vomit. If the tick carries Lyme disease, that will just push the disease into you or your pet’s bloodstream. So stick with just using Dawn on fleas.
11. Homemade Window Cleaner
One of the best ways to use Dawn dish soap is in a homemade window cleaner recipe! All you need is a quart of water and 1 drop of Dawn in a spray bottle. Use this mixture like you would your usual window cleaner!

12. Find Tire Holes

If you suspect that one of your tires is leaking air due to a puncture, mix some Dawn with water and cover the tire with the mixture. If you see an area with bubbles, that’s where the air is escaping. Knowing this, you can patch the leak!

13. Keep Away Houseplant Bugs

No one wants to see bugs on their houseplants! To keep them away, put a few drops of Dawn in a spray bottle filled with water, shake to mix it up, then spray your houseplants’ leaves.

14. Door Lubricant

An easy way to fix a squeaky door is with just a drop of Dawn! You can also use it to lubricate the tracks of sliding doors.

15. Make Your Own Ice Packs

There’s no need to go to the drug store for an ice pack! Instead, get a gallon freezer bag, fill it with Dawn, then freeze it. When you need it, use it until it melts a lot, then re-freeze.

16. Manicure Enhancer

One of the more surprising ways to use Dawn dish soap is as a way to improve your manicures. If you soak your fingers in a small bowl of Dawn mixed with warm water for 5-10 minutes you’ll soften your cuticles and remove oil from your nails. The lack of oil will make it easier for your nail polish to stick.

17. Safer Plastic Pool Cleaner

If you’re in the habit of cleaning your kids’ kiddie pools with bleach, you’ll find your pools don’t last as long as they could. Luckily Dawn won’t weaken the plastic on kiddie pools, making this a great way to use Dawn dish soap!

18. Catch Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can be so annoying! To catch them, put a few drops of Dawn in a small container of white vinegar. Then put the container where you’ve seen the flies (likely in your kitchen). They’ll be attracted to the container by the white vinegar, but will get stuck in the mixture because of the Dawn. Then you can just throw them out.

19. Poison Ivy First Aid

If you or your kids get poison ivy, Dawn dish soap can help! First, wash the affected area with Dawn and cool water. This helps to remove lingering oils from the plant, which will stay active on skin (even under nails!), clothes, and other surfaces for years until cleaned. After washing all the oil away, cleaning the area with Dawn and warm water will help soothe the itchy blisters. Many people report that washing with Dawn helps reduce the severity of the rash, and that it clears up faster.  You can’t get the same effects with regular hand/body wash because those soaps don’t have the oil-fighting properties of Dawn, and will just spread the poison ivy oil around as you wash.
20. Grill Cleaner
Yet another one of the frugal ways to use Dawn dish soap is to clean your grill! Just put your cooled, greasy grill rack in a big bag that you can seal shut (like a big trash bag). Then pour a gallon of water and 1/2 cup of Dawn into the bag. Let the bag sit about 10 hours or overnight. The next day you can just scrub your grill down with your wire brush, give it a rinse, and it’ll be nice and clean!

Save Money On Spices - Spice Blend Cheat Sheet

Transitioning into a healthy diet can be tough. Especially when we’re surrounded by processed foods, baked goods and other snacks like chips and hot dogs on a daily basis. But instead of getting down on yourself for ditching that mixed greens salad for a hamburger, use these diagrams to help get yourself back on track! Turn your compost into organic fruits and vegetables with the Garden Tower!


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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Cineplex Deals: Weeklong Tuesday Pricing Until August 31

Until August 31 - Cineplex Theatres is offering Tuesday Pricing on all showings all week long!

Want to see what movies are playing or check a showtime, click here!  

Ardene Canada - FREE SHIPPING plus 20% off TODAY ONLY!

Ardene Canada is offering FREE shipping sitewide on all orders as as well an extra 20% off! This deal is valid today only, August 27 2017.      If you use SWAGBUCKS you can get an additional 4% in cash back rewards!   If you haven't joined SWAGBUCKS, it's a great way to earn FREE money click here for more information

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Coupon Matchup's and Top Deals for Aug 24 - Aug 30

Coupon match-up's are done for flyers local to Fredericton.     Keep in mind that some offers/prices may very by store location..     Not all listed coupons are currently available at this time.    I always suggest any time you see a coupon you may use to take/print a few and keep in file for future use.   Coupons that are currently active (except tearpads/inserts) will be linked so that you can click to obtain. 

Grapes $1.99
Cherries $2.99
Cashmere, Sponge Towel, or Scotties $4
Kellogg's Cereals (selected) $3.00 - $2wub2 booklet = 2/$4
Con on the Cob 5/$2
Broccoli $1.99
English Cucumber $0.99
ML Hot Dogs $2.99
Oceans Tuna $1
Imperial Margarine $1
Cracker Barrel Cheese Slices $4 - $1 booklet= $3
Dawn Dish Soap $2 - $0.50 print = $1.50
Mr. Clean $3 - $0.50  print = $2.50
Fleecy $4 - $1 booklet = $3
Campbells Broths $1.99 - $1 wub 3 booklet= 3/$4.97
Kelloggs Family Size Cereal $4 - $2 wub 2 booklet = 2/$6
Kelloggs Special K or Nutri Grain Fruit & Nut $2.99 - 0.75 wub 2 booklet = 2/$5.23
Made Good Granola Bars 2/$7 - $0.75 = 2/$6.25
Maple Leaf Natural Sandwich Meat 175g $5.99
Pampers Wipes 576-768 $16.99 - $3 tearpad = $$13.99  (Various prints available too)
Herbal Essences Big Size Bottle $4.99 - $0.50 print = $4.49 OR - $1.50 print wub 2 = 2/$8.48 ($4.24 each)
Advil Liquid Gels 200mg 72's or 400mg 50's $8.99 - $3 print = $5.99
Philadephia Cheesecake Creme 2/$4 - $0.50 tearpad = $2/$3 or $1.50 each

Strawberries $3.99
Catelli Pasta $0.99
Kraft Singles $2.99
Delissio Thin Crust Pizza $2.99
Philly Cheesecake Creme $1.49 - $0.50 tearpad = $0.99
Highliner Boxed Fish $5.99 - $1 tearpad = $4.99
Tylenol Ex St. 100's $7.99 - $2 tearpad = $5.99

Coming Soon....

Scrubbing Bubbles $1.77
Purex 96 Loads $6.98 - $1 booklet = $5.98
Bens Buns $2.22
Snack Pack Pudding 4's $0.88
Kellogg's Pop Tarts or Fruit Crisps $1.44
Lunchmates $1.88
Charmin 16 rolls $9.97 - $0.50 print = $9.47
Tylenol Ex. Strength $8.27 - $2 tearpad = $6.27
Herbal Essences Big Size Bottle $4.99 - $0.50 print = $4.49 OR - $1.50 print wub 2 = 2/$8.48 ($4.24 each)
Simiilac Concentrate $29.98 (various coupons and cheques) 

Bear Paws $1.88
Wonder Bread, Buns or English Muffins $1.77
Kelloggs Rice Krispies Squares $1.47
Nutrigrain Bars $1.47
Black Diamond Cheese Slices (Natural) $2 - $1 (tearpad) = $1
Energizer Batteries aa or aaa $7.97

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New Brunswick Provincial Exhibition (Sept 4-10)

Hey guys - I'm so excited for the NBEX coming to Fredericton Sept 4-10th. This years schedule is full of events for the entire family and there are more daily deals happening this year making it more affordable for families along with a bunch of new schedule additions such as the parade and trick riding shows. 

Here is just a brief outline of the week highlights: 

Monday:   NBEX Parade (11am) 

Tuesday:   Tooney Tuesday - get in for $2 before 6pm 

Wednesday:   Kids Day - 1 coupon per ride for 12 & under until 6pm
                 Comedy Fest at 6:30pm followed by Battle of the Comedians at 8:30pm

Thursday:  Student Night $5 Admission after 6pm with valid ID  

              DJ Night Party

Friday:     FIREWORKS at 9pm
             Steve Waylon on stage at 7:30pm followed by Tristan Horncastle at 10pm.

Saturday:   Dairy Cattle Show starts at 8am

              The Stampeders 10pm 

Sunday:   FREE admission for Youth from 9am-6pm 

Prices for Admission & Bracelets: 

I do recommend the Advanced 7-Day Pass if you plan on going more then twice as it is a much better deal and as shown advanced midway bracelets are discounted if purchased at St. Mary's Supermarket, Vanier Coop, or Canadian Tire Gas Bars in Oromocto & Fredericton.   Advanced bracelets are only available until September 8th! 

Other great events happening all week long are: 

  • Animal Petting Farm & Exhibitors

  • Magic Shows in the Magic Tent staring acts like Perley The Magician, Aaron Matthews, and The Sentimentalists 

  • Flying Fools High Five act will be returning daily at 5pm, 7pm. 9pm. 

  • Kids Pedal Tractor Rides daily in the livestock barn daily 

  • Harness Racing, Cattle Show & Horse Show

  • Hearts & Hooves Trick Riding Show 

For a complete schedule and more information - click here! 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Coupon Match ups Aug 17-23

Coupon match-up's are done for flyers local to Fredericton.     Keep in mind that some offers/prices may very by store location..     Not all listed coupons are currently available at this time.    I always suggest any time you see a coupon you may use to take/print a few and keep in file for future use.   Coupons that are currently active (except tearpads/inserts) will be linked so that you can click to obtain. 

Pepsi/Coke Product 2L   $0.99
Tide 1.18L $1.99 - $3 WUB2 (print) = $0.98 for 2
Jif $4.99 - $1 (booklet) = $3.99
Black Diamond Blocks or Shreds $4.48
Smuckers Jam $3.99 - $1 (booklet) = $2.99
Activia 8's $3.33 - $0.75 (print) = $2.58
Pampers (Club Size) $32.99 - Various Coupons
Eggos $2.99 - $1.50 wub2 (booklet) = $4.48 for 2   OR $0.50 (tearpad) = $2.49
Made Good 2/$7 - $0.75 (booklet) = 2/$5.50
Janes Fish $4.99 - $1 (Insert - No longer out) $3.99
Snuggle 1.47L  $5.99 - $1 (booklet) = $4.99
Always Infinity $3.99 - $0.75 (print) = $3.24
Bic Razors $5.99 - $3 (print) = $2.99
Olay 400ml $3.49 - $0.75 (print) = $2.74
Tide Pods 23-31 ct.  $9.99 - $2 (tearpad/print) = $7.99
Panteen $3.99 - $1 (print) = $2.99
Kraft Bold $4.99 - $! (print) = $3.99
Dove $2.99 - $0.50 (booklet) = $2.49
Pilly Viva Protein $3.99 - $! (print) = $2.99

Corn on the Cob $0.33
Maple Leaf Flakes of Meat $0.99
5lb box Blueberries $14.99
Frito Lays Miulti Box$5.99 - $2 (print) = $3.99
Tide Pods 32-42 $11.49 - $2 (tearpad/print) = $9.49
Tide Liquid 48-64L = $13.99 - $! (print) = $12.99
Advil 100's $9.99 - $3 (print) = $6.99
Romaine Lettuce $0.99
Compliments Salted Butter $3.99
Activia 8's $3.99 - $0.75 (print) = $3.24
Philly Viva Protein $4.99 - $1 (print) = $3.99
Philly Bold $3.49 - $0.50 (print) = $2.99

Herbal Essences $2.99 - $0.50 (print) = $2.49
Colgate Toothpaste or Toothbrush $0.99
Amope Foot File $44.99- $5 (print) = $39.99
Listerine 1L  $5.99 - $1 (print) = $4.99
Bic Razors $5.99 - $2 (print) = $3.99
Energizer Eco Advanced Batteries $10.99 - $3 (print) = $7.99
Tylenol Ex. St.  $8.99 - $3 (tearpad) = $5.99

Tylenol 100-150's $11 - $3 (tearpad) = $9
Old Spice Deodorant $3 - $2 wub2 (print)  = 2/$4
Bic Razors $6 - $2 (print) = $4
Tide 1.47L $5.99 - $1 (print) = $4.99
Tide Pods 20's $5.99 - $2 (print/tearpad) = $3.99
Olay 400ml $3.99 - $0.75 (print) = $3.24

Snack Pack Pudding 4's $0.88
Pampers/Huggiies (largest box) $37.28 various coupons
Corn on the Cob $0.33
Gold Fish Crackers $1.97
Chapmans Ice Cream $3.77 - $4 (mailout) = FREE
Black Diamond Cheese Slices $2.97 - $1 (tearpad) = $1.97
Tide 4.43L  $17.88 - $1 (print) = $16.88
Tide Pods 72 $17.88 - $2 (tearpad/print) = $15.88
Listerine 1L  $4.97 - $1 (print)  = $3.97
Pampers or Huggies 16x Wipes $19.97  various coupons

Pepsi 2:  $1
Snack Pack Pudding Box 12's $3
Tidy Cat Litter 6.35kg  $5
Chapmans Sandwich $3 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Our Adoption Journey (A requested blog topic)

Hey Guys & Gals - 

So I put it out there a few days ago for some blog topic suggestions and I got this one a few times so I decided to open up and share our adoption journey.

As most of you know - in May of this year my husband and I adopted a beautiful baby boy.    It was a very long process for us.    We had always discussed the topic of adoption because it was a lifelong dream of mine because my birth mother placed me up for adoption as a baby and I have always felt like I wanted to "pay it forward" by providing a child with an amazing loving home like my adoptive parents did for me.      So shortly after our marriage in 2008, my husband and I registered to adopt.     We did have some specifics that we included which added to our wait such as we wanted a healthy infant from New Brunswick.       We filled out all the paper work and they let us know that it would be about a 7+ year wait for an infant - which at that time was okay with us because we had just got married, bought a house and were working on just getting on our feet. 

So we went about our lives excited for this new adventure.      In October 2015, we got a call that we were able to start the PRIDE course that Social Development requires you to take in able to adopt.     It was so neat to be able to meet with others in the same situation and talk to others about their journey.     During our PRIDE course, we were contacted by our social worker who began to do our "home study".      This was scary, I won't lie - this lady came into our home and went through every room with a checklist and told us what we should and shouldn't have.     I felt very out of my comfort zone to be honest but knew the situation was something that would additionally pay off.  

In the Spring of 2016 after finishing Pride, we met with our Social Worker and she completed our home study and started the approval process.      By late fall, early winter we found out were had passed the home study and were officially "approved" to be adopted parents but were told it could be another 3-4 years; although this was something we knew may happen it was still a bit of a disappointment as we felt "ready" at this point in our lives.        So, things moved on as normal in our lives ..... that is until May 12th, 2017.     That afternoon, I got a call from a new social worker - she was asking me questions about specifics that we wanted in our adoption and I remember thinking okay this is probably just because she's taking over our case and wants to be informed but in the back of my head I knew something was up.... and it was!

May 16th, 2017 at 4:30pm - we got the call we had been waiting 9 years for --- there was a little boy born who needed a family.      I remember the "shocked" emotion because even though Friday we had received the "check up call", I was so used to being told it would be a "few years more" that I just instantly told myself it would be.     We were given 2 days to prepare and although I don't remember much about those 2 days, I know 13 hours of shopping were involved lol!         Believe it or not though, my couponing came in SO handy with preparing for baby boy's arrival.     I started printing diaper coupons, visiting manufacture sites and signing up for baby mail out programs, reading rebate sites, and looking into reviews that people posted on blogs/fb posts for items that were good and ones that weren't.     

I found an amazing deal on a stroller and saved us $650 from SEARS (sale price, coupons, and a MIR rebate);  I found out that Walmart not only accepted coupons on my formula but they'd also Price Match so I could get the lowest price (although currently they offer the lowest for our formula), I found out that Costco wipes were worth the membership fee and I used sites like KIJIJI and The New Children's Consignment page to help me stock up on clothing, bottles, and toys.    In just under 2 days we went from having nothing - to having all we needed and then some.   The community and our families were amazing....and the amount of donations of clothing, diapers, kind words/advice, and even meals were beyond anything I ever expected... there's not enough words that we could put together to express our thanks to everyone.

Today, our little man is 3 months old.     He is no longer the tiny 3lb baby that we met that day at the hospital but instead is our 12lb healthy, smile-filled little boy that I could never imagine my life without.   He brings so much joy and purpose to my life and the 9 years we waited seem worth every single second.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Back To School Shopping: 10 Ways To Save

With school quickly approaching and the supplies list ever growing, I thought an.appropriate blog post would be about saving money during the BACK TO SCHOOL season.

Regardless if you have a kid in grade one or their first year of college, school shopping is never cheap....but.hopefully trying out some (or all) of these tips and techniques will offer some savings to the old pocketbook.


A lot of the needed items can be found sitting around your house from previous years or projects.    Reuse binders, pens/pencils, scissors, rulers and other items that are not likely to wear out quickly.


Making a list will hold you and your family accountable.      List only the specifics needed and don't allow yourself to buy extras "just because they are on sale".


Did you know that many garage sales and thrift stores are full of stuff that can be used for the new school year.     Perfect items to hunt for are shoes, backpacks, new clothes, and even school supplies can sometimes be found.


Coupons are a great way to save.     Be sure to check out manufactures websites/social media sites to see if coupons are available.   Some products offer mail-in rebates right on the packaging so be sure to save the packaging and the receipts.  


You do not need "Brand name" items - for example, Hilroy looseleaf is generally $0.50 or more per package then the store-brand stuff.    Same goes for pens, binders, markers, and other crafting supplies.    If you child insists on brand name items, make them do some little chores to earn them - this will teach your child to appreciate the added value.


The dollarstore is generally a great place to find deals - but be weary on stationary items.      Many of these items can be found at Walmart during sales for under $1 - so check out those flyers before heading in!


Shopping online ensure that you won't "add that extra".    This way you just select what you need and order away instead of being tempted in store with items in middle rows or on displays that you will find yourself putting into your cart "just because".       Also when shopping online be sure to check out rewards sites like Swagbucks and Ebates to gain access to valuable money back opportunities.   These sites are both FREE to join and super simple to use.     Ebates currently has on a HUGE back to school shopping promotion!


Why wait until Aug/Sept to do your school shopping?     Save the crowds and the hassle and do yiour shopping at the end of the school year when school supplies are discounted or clearances.    Watch out for "Office Supply" stores though - these stores rarely lower their prices to clearance levels.


Have a Costco membership?   Use it!    Buy lunchtime snacks in large packs or wholesale.      For example granola bars are generally $2-$4 for 6 bars in a grocery store - at Costco you can generally get boxes of 18 for $7-$10 which allows for you to plan out meals in advance.  


Always check for used books where possible.    Value Village is a great place to find reference books and text books.     Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and textbooks can be pricey brand new - so buying them second hand potentially could cut the cost down by 50% or more.    Another great looking place is KIJIJI and AMAZON.


Hey everyone -

I got a bit of spare time today so I just wanted to review a local business "Four Seasons Renovations" that we hired to come and redo our mini home skirting and also build us a front deck this month.   As some of you know from my past posts - since moving into our mini home we've done some extensive renovations and have had a few renovation companies in and out of our home - but Four Seasons Renovations definitely left us impressed.   We met with Leroy (business owner) this year at the Fredericton Home Show and booked our free estimate.  He was very pleasant to deal with and really knew what he was talking about (thank goodness because we didn't have a clue, haha).     We explained out our "ideal" vision of what we wanted done and he did the rest!   Unlike with other companies we've hired in the past - we never felt like we were being pressured by up-selling techniques which was great for us because we are new parents and on a tight budget.  Leroy and his team truly respected this - and treated us no differently. 

Once we signed our contract Leroy and his team kept us up to date on everything happening - they explained out to us what they were doing and they kept us fully involved in all decisions which needed to be made. I can say one thing, he definitely has one heck of a dedicated crew.  We figured it would take them a week or more to complete the project but to our surprise they were only here a few short days, two of which were smouldering hot yet they didn't even slow down - only stopping for a quick lunch. 

Each day we were increasingly surprised to see the progress they had made.  We were extremely impressed by how the kept our entire property clean and neat throughout the entire renovation.     They had a garbage trailer which was kept covered, their supplies and tools were always kept organised and after each day all their garbage was picked up and materials were neatly piled out of the way (which is great for us because we have a dog who loves to play in the yard).  

As for the final project - what an amazing transformation it made to our home.      I couldn't be happier with the outcome and I would highly recommend Four Season Renovations to anyone who was thinking about doing a minor or major exterior renovation to their home (roofing, skirting, siding, insulation, etc).    Personally we have some roofing issues that need to be corrected next and I definitely will be giving them a call to come back!

If your interested in finding out more about what they do or to see a gallery of their projects - Check them out online at:

Also, please be sure to let Leroy know that you heard about Four Season's Renovations and their fantastic work through Mary Jane Palmer on the Fredericton Deal Finders blog :)

Here's just a few pictures of the final project! 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Coupon Matchup's August 10 - 16th

Coupon match-up's are done for flyers local to Fredericton.     Keep in mind that some offers/prices may very by store location..     Not all listed coupons are currently available at this time.    I always suggest any time you see a coupon you may use to take/print a few and keep in file for future use.   Coupons that are currently active (except tearpads/inserts) will be linked so that you can click to obtain. 

Red or Green Seedless Grapes $1.77/lb
Blueberries 2/$4
Carl Buddig Sliced Meat 55g  4/$2 or $0.77 each - $1 (print)= $0..35 each
Gold Fish Crackers 2/$5 or $2.99 each - $1 wub 3 (booklet) = $2.33 wub 3
Made Good Granola Bars 2/$7  or $4.99 each - $0.75 (booklet) = 2/$5.50 OR $4.24 each
Eggo's $2.99 - $1.50 wub 2 (booklet) = 2/$2.24  OR $2.99 - $0.50 (tearpad) = $2.49
Watermellon $0.79/lbs
Kellogg's Cereals (selected) $4.99 - $2/wub2 (booklet) = 2/$7.98
Kellogg's Bars (selected) $2 - $0.75 (booklet) = $1.25
Chapmans Ice Cream $3.99 - $4 (company mailout) = FREE
Cracker Barrel Slices $4.99 - $1 (tearpad) = $3.99
Kraft BOLD Cheese Slices $4.99 - $1 (print) = $3.99
Pam Cooking Spray $3.99 - $1 (tearpad)= $2.99
Kraft Cheese Whiz/Slices $3.99
Campbell's Boxed Broth $1.99 - $1 wub 3 (booklet) = 3/$4.97
Pampers/Huggies Club Size Boxes 1-6 $32.99 - various coupons
Dove Soap, Body Wash, or Shampoo $2.99 - $0.50 (booklet) = $2.49
Simiilac Non-GMO, Enfamil A+, Nestle Goodstart Omega  $27.99 - Various Coupons
Pampers Diapers 18-44  $10.99 - Various Coupons
Claritin 50's - 70's $24.99 - $3 (print) = $21.99
Herbal Essences Shampoo/Conditioner $2.79 - $0.50 (print) = $2.29 OR $2.79 - $1.50 wub 2 (print)  = 2/$4.08

Kraft Peanut Butter or Cheese Whiz $2.99
Larsen's Hot Dogs 900g pk  $3.99
Black Diamond Shredded Cheese $4.48
Royale Toilet Paper 12's  $5.44 - $0.75 (print) = $4.69
Royale Paper Towel 9's $5.44 - $0.75 (print) = $4.69
Cracker Barrel Cheese Slices $4.49 - $1 (tearpad) = $3.49
Dawn Dish Soap  $2.69 - $0.50 (print) = $2.19
Olay Body Wash $3.99 - $0.75 (print) = $3.24
Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant $4.99 - $1 (print) = $3.99

Sat & Sun Only:    Dawn Dish Soap  $1.99 - $0.50 (print) = $1.49
Ivory Body Wash $2.99 - $0.75 (print) = $2.24
U by Kotex Pads $2.99 - $1 (print) = $1.99
Panteen $3.99 - $1 (print) = $2.99
Herbal Essences Shampoo/Conditioner $2.99 - $0.50 (print) = $2.49 OR $2.79 - $1.50 wub 2 (print)  = 2/$4.48
Swifters $5.99 - $1 (print) = $4.99
Tide Pods $9.99 - $2 (tearpad/print) = $7.99

Avon Canned Vegetables 3 / $0.99 
Ben's X-tra Soft Bread $1.99
Panteen Products $3.99 - $1 (print) = $2.99
Robax Platinum 18's $17.99 - $3 (print) = $14.99

Family Pack of Cheerios $3.77
Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent 100 Loads $6.88 -$0.75 (print) = $6.13
Bounty 12's $15.97 - $0.50 (print) = $15.47
Royale Valour 30's $14.97 - $0.75 (print) = $14.22
Tide Pods $17.88 - $2 (print) = $15.88
Children's Advil $9.97 - $3 (print) = $6.97
Arm & Hammer Spin Brunch $5.97 - $2 (print) = $3.97
Huggies Natural Care Wipes $19.97 - $10 wub2 (tearpad) = 2/$29.94
Pampers/Huggies (Largest Box) $37.28 - various coupons

** Not all Guardian Drugs will accept coupons, if not - you can Price Match to Walmart

Old Spice Deodorant 2/$5 - $1 (print) = 2/$3
Secret Deodorant 2/$5 - $0.75 (print) = 2/$3.50
Tylenol 150's $12.99 - $3 (tearpad) = $9.99
U By Kotex $4.99 -  $1 (print) = $3.99
Advil Liquid Gels 50's Ex Strength  $11.99 - $3 (print) = $9.99
Dawn $1.99 - $0.50 (print) = $1.49

Johnsonville Sausages $2.50 - $1 (company mailout) = $1.50
100% Kraft Parmesan Cheese 250g $4.97
Highliner Fish Fillets $8
Baxters Sour Cream $1
Snuggle !.47L  $3.97 - $1 (booklet) = $2.97
Ziploc Baggies/Containers $2.99

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


My name is Mary Jane Palmer and for the longest time I've been known as "Fredericton's Coupon Clipper". 

My biggest addiction is trying to find something - for nothing!       Now I don't mean using the "Five Finger Discount" method....I mean practising living a frugal lifestyle by spending hours researching available coupons, watching sales flyers, and networking with local businesses to get involved with their sales and promotions.     It may sound like a lot of work and it is - but that is my purpose of this blog - to share my knowledge and save you the time. 

Having worked in the Tourism industry for the Mactaquac Chamber of Commerce and NB Tourism, I have always enjoyed promoting local businesses and in my frugal journey's  I have always tried to keep true to supporting local businesses and events.   Therefore, my focus in this blog is living frugal in Fredericton.      

Topics I hope to cover in this blog for everyone include: 

  • Weekly Couponing & Price Matching posts 
  • Frugal Living Tips & Techniques 
  • Reviews of Local Businesses 
  • Information on Local Upcoming Events
  • And so much more!!! 

I am always open to suggestions on blog topics, guest writers, and of course learning about new deals!   I encourage the public to not only read our blog but to also check out group on Facebook under "Fredericton Deal Finders" where I post daily about sales, events, local happenings, and allow members to post questions in which group members can share their opinions/views. 

The Fredericton Deal Finder group is free to join and free to advertise for local businesses/charities who are having a sale or event that they wish to promote.    I do not charge members or businesses to advertise nor do I receive any pay for operating this blog or the Facebook group - it's solely something that I started as a side hobby that turned into an opportunity in which I am able to share with others to help educate and promote those interested on how to live a Frugal lifestyle!    

So there it is in a nutshell - I hope you enjoy the blog! 
Feel free to contact me anytime by emailing